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Pictures Gyeongju Bird Land


Checking out the neighborhood
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For my birthday my girlfriend took me to 'Bird Land' in Gyeongju! I thought I'd share my pictures from there with you guys : D

Very cute hornbill :D They had a few of them! The aviaries they had were really big.

We weren't allowed to touch anything in the walk-in part which kind of made me salty but it was kind of like one of those places where it was popular for school trips, so it was understandable. A lot of people who were there weren't interested in birds/were afraid, so I get it. They had a section with fish and dogs outside for the kids to enjoy haha.

My girlfriends favourite bird : ) She really loves african greys!

Two little cuties haha

The place itself was very interesting! There was an interaction section where an instructor was putting sun conures on kids and they seemed to be mildly afraid lol. i seemed to be popular with the kids after the sun conures would step up onto my hand, they all came over to me to be handed the birds haha!! My photos are a little shizzty (so i didnt include) but there was also a couple of black palm cockatoos which i've never seen before irl ><

If you ever come to South Korea and want to see outside of Seoul, I'd really recommend going to Gyeongju! There is a lot of historical stuff there and what not, also many birds so >: ) hehe