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Grass Huts


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TDawn Maddox
My Bourkes love grass type toys, and I was looking at putting a couple of these on top of our cage (which is huge, and 6 ft tall). I was going to secure them to the top with two zip ties per hut to make a little hideaway and possible nesting area if my Bourkies decide to use it.


The timothy hay is meant to be chewed up by rabbits, and I've found the Bourkes are really fond of other rabbit chewing toys I've picked up such as the wicker looking balls.

Has anyone else used these? Any cautionary tales or experiences?


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People tend to be very wary of a disease called Aspergillosis - to the point of avoiding grassy items like this (at least I think I've read that around here). Personally, we provide our Bourke's with clean, dry, fresh timothy hay/oat grass frequently on the floor of his cage, as he goes bananas picking it apart - I think they're some serious foragers!

Regarding nesting, I would be wary of anything that's tricky to open or clean - sometimes traditional designs for nest boxes are the best, even if they're not nearly as pretty as those bungalows! :cool4: