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Gozar the destructor


Jogging around the block
Waco, Texas
Real Name
He came in the form of Hiccup! When do they have their hormonal season? Hiccup has reached out and bit/pinched me on the neck. He doesn’t have shoulder privileges, but he has surprised me on two different occasions: once from the back of the couch when he landed near where I was seated and just yesterday when I had him on my finger and had my hand too close to my own neck. He doesn’t bite and draw blood like Max, but it’s painful nonetheless. Most of the time he’s very loving and wants his head rubbed. He also seems to want to share some of his food with me..not so much, baby, but thanks for thinking of me.

We’re still getting to know each other. Oh, and he seems to like the song Short skirt/long jacket by the band Cake. It’s very rhythmic and he “sings along”.....sort of:rolleyes: not in a language I am yet familiar with, at least.


Strolling the yard
Last month was breeding season for my girls. For me and mine it is all about the screaming from the ceiling fan during Hormonal times. Regurgitate to each other. And some girl on girl action. Phoebe even laid one egg. ..ugh....She was one if the girls getting the action...

For me and mine it does not equal aggression or bites. But all parrots handle the frustration different. So many do seem to get aggressive.

Has it passed now? For mine the season is over.

Can I see a pic of your Hiccup? Such a great name!