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Are we allowed to post links for parrot shelters that need donations?


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Fundraisers/Donations: No fundraiser or donation requests will be permitted on the board without prior approval. Most requests WILL BE DECLINED.

Please DO NOT mention fundraiser activity on the board AT ALL without prior consent. This means if you have a fundraiser going off-site, you may NOT mention it on Avian Avenue.

Fundraisers will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will likely not be approved. If a fundraiser is approved, members should still realize that this approval is a matter of consensus based on the available information, thus non-definitive, and they should therefore still exercise their own good judgement. Approval will be based on several factors and will be subject to VERIFICATION.
Any member desiring to announce a fundraiser of any kind on the board must first notify a Mod, SMod or Admin.

The member submitting the request is required to provide the following information:
- reason for fundraiser
- vet name, address and phone number and/or rescue group contact information (must be a licensed rescue or non-profit organization)
- contact info for all parties involved
- Is the person receiving donations aware of fundraising activities and in agreement with it?

If the request is approved you will then be instructed to post it on the board and the thread will then be closed. All conversation is to be conducted strictly off the board. When the fundraiser is complete please notify a Moderator, Super Moderator or Administrator if you would like us to add a notice onto the closed thread directing members to check the off board info site for an update. No mention of money amounts will be allowed on the thread.

If members see an unauthorized donation or fundraising request on a thread, we ask that they please report the post to make the admins aware of it.

We advise caution and prudence whenever getting involved in a fundraiser of any sort. Avian Avenue will not be involved with any problems that may arise and any threads or posts in this regard will be deleted.