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Flying my Amazon


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Hi everyone!
When I brought Sweet Pea (Orange-winged Amazon) home 8 months ago, he was already clipped and had been for years (he's in his late 20s, if his band is an indicator). Since bringing him home, he's started to grow in lots of wing/flight feathers. We're working on flight training now and have no intentions on clipping again. Any thoughts on how to progress with training an adult bird to fly? So far, it's been over small distances (we're talking 1 to 2 feet at max since he originally couldn't/wouldn't go even that far) and always indoors on soft surfaces. He's finally starting to show interest in using flight as a means of transportation and not just because I'm asking him to do it. I know every bird is different but I have a couple of questions to sort of steer me in the right direction:

1.) Reliable recall is a MUST now that he's learning to fly. He's target trained. How did you flyers go about solidifying a recall, regardless of where you and your feathered friend is?
2.) Emergency recall - I realize this is very similar, but what treats do you use to train an Emergency Recall behavior? How did you go about training it so that your bird doesn't lump it in as a regular recall?
3.) What should I expect my bird's weight to do as he gets more active? I'm assuming he'll initially drop some weight and we'll have to account for that in his diet.
4.) What fresh foods are best to provide all the nutrients that an active bird needs, and what do your parrots like most?

For the record, he does regularly see an avian vet, and has been looked over, I just wanted to see what works for others' birds in addition to my vets advice.

Happy flying! :)


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Wow! Another OWA parront! Please post his photos in our Amazon section. I am following this thread for my education....