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First time parents


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Hi I have 2 cockatiels the female (crystle) I'd 2 now and my male (Leo) it's quite a few year older.
Crystal has laid her first 4 eggs.
I don't want to disturb her, but I think she's actually started incubation as she has not come out of the box ( only for 4 mins to feed) this is also new for me and I've done research however my male has just bit me for the first time ever when I was changing the water and food, is this normal, he has never bit me before, none of them or hand tame but they are friendly if you don't touch them. They will kiss you through the bars and they are both vocal ( even if most of it is swearing)
Is there anything I need to watch out for? I'm well prepared to remove eggs and incubation them myself if need be but hopefully I won't need to.
Any advise for a first time mum and owner would be brilliant. Also I havnt seen Leo in the box but my partner says he has been


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That´s normal. Parent birds will defend those eggs to the death against predators if they need to. Some very tame birds will let you in the cage and some even are ok with us around the eggs/chicks... but given your birds aren´t really tame, I would be careful swapping food and water.
Are you able to use the feeder doors?
If not, then invite them out of their cage for a short flight and quickly do it while they are out for a few minutes.