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First time babies for Society Finches


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I adopted an adorable male and female pair of society finches earlier this year. They have just laid their second clutch (the first one there was unfortunately a fallen nest mishap and the eggs broke), and 3 out of 5 eggs have hatched so far! It has been two days and the babies are clearly alive and moving around. Since this is my first time experiencing this sort of thing, I have a couple questions:

1) There is absolutely ZERO noise coming from parents or babies. Complete radio silience. Again the babies are only 2 days old and they are alive (I can see them moving, begging for food, parents seem to be feeding them), but I would think they would be making some sort of noise? It's just complete silence and it seems really weird. Is this normal?

2) The parents are still sitting on the babies 100% of the time (taking turns and sometimes both parents sitting on them at the same time) - is this because there are still 2 unhatched eggs as well as the 3 hatched babies? Will they stop sitting on them once all the eggs are hatched? It seems really uncomfortable for the babies that have hatched to have their parents sitting on them all the time! Is this normal?

Thank you in advance! I really am enjoying this process and am looking forward to learning more about breeding!


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Heather Gerbyshak
The parents will need to keep the babies warm, so someone will be with the babies most of the time.

I’ve not raised society finches. I have had success with gouldian finches but my best advice is to leave the nest alone.