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First hormonal season...heaven help me


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I don't believe you need to get that far into the weeds thinking about it, lol! Yes, birds have high metabolism, but they don't spend all of their days eating in the wild. If your sweet girl runs out of her favorites before her next meal, I imagine she's not going to starve to death. But do keep an eye on her weight if you reduce her food. And if you can keep trying with the veggies and pellets, that will help. I've read some threads here on AA where members feed almost exclusively veggies during high hormone season. I'm also reducing Opie's seed because of the fat content overall--not just because reducing the fat helps reduce the hormone triggers. Opie will eventually eat the pellets once he has eaten all the seed mixed in with the pellets.
I'm going to try reducing some of the seed she is eating and see if she will eat more of the pellets, I'll watch the 1paper at the bottom of the cage to make sure the poop looks normal and like she's eating. Thankfully I work from home so I can keep an eye on her which is probably more than I need to do but it makes me feel better LOL I'm glad you made the mention of reducing the fat content of the food, its a great idea and Ive been wanting to get her away from so much seed. I'm also going to try to keep offering veggies as well.