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Video Feeling sad tonight ):


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I'm missing Jester a little extra tonight.

I haven't been a very good bird mom the past year. Which has made me feel so guilty about Jester's passing. But I am trying to be better again. I am trying extra hard to make my flock happy and to make them feel loved. And when I do this, I feel even more guilty because I should have tried harder for him too.

Anyway, I haven't gotten any special treats for my birds in a while. So when I ordered bird food the other day, I also got some safflower seeds and almonds. I opened the almonds tonight to give one to Grey Bird, and I just felt really, really sad. Jester loved almonds, and I can't remember the last time I gave him one. I wish I could give him one right now. :( I wish I would have ordered them regularly and he could have enjoyed them more often. I have bigger birds, I'm supposed to buy them almonds.

I remembered this video I took of Jester within the first month or two of me bringing him home. It is literally a two minute video of him eating an almond. I was so tickled by how he ate them and how cute it was. The way he was so slow and gentle, careful to make sure he didn't drop any pieces. The way he balanced several little pieces on his foot. I loved the way he ate almonds.


Go buy your birds some almonds. Or whatever treat they love most.
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:bighug: I’m sorry you’re feeling sad :(

We realise we don’t always do things the way we would have liked to when we have the ability to look back on life but we do most certainly provide the best we can at the time.
I believe you cannot and should not fault yourself for not being someone different to who you were at the time, you didn’t set out to purposely deprive Jester of almonds.... life just happens.
Be kind to you!

I’ll give Burt two almonds! One from me and one from you!!:hug9: