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Feathered Estates January 2021 - Momo & Mido


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January 2021 Feathered Estates

:starshower1: :starshower1::starshower1:
I am very pleased to announce this month's showcased member
Momo & Mido

1~ What kind of birds do you have and how many birds did you design your setup for?

We have two peach-faced lovebirds. We adopted Momo in 2018 (our lutino lovebird). And started with this cage:

But when Mido (peach-faced lovebird pied) came in to our lives the setup changed to:

Around our living room they have places to play and relax:
4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

And they need something to sit in when we take a shower:

I designed the setup for two lovebirds that both need their space. They are friends but not bonded, so it's important in order to keep everyone safe, that they have their own territory but are still able to be together. Because they follow each other around all day long!

2~ Is your setup for a handicapped bird?


3~ Are there any budgeting tips you discovered while doing your setup?

With my boys I don't need to worry about nesting material. So I always save a lot of packing material I get when I order stuff online. I use the shredded paper in the coconuts or other places I can squeeze it in. They really enjoy shredding it!
8.jpg IMG_0508.jpg

4~ Is your setup changeable or stationary and do you add or make changes continually or do things stay primarily as is?

I can change it, but I'm guilty of not doing it as much as I should. I love buying them new toys though. And every time I do, I change it. Inside their cage I try to do it every few weeks. I mainly rotated the toys.

5~ Where did you find your materials if you made it yourself or where did you purchase the setup and do you have favorite places to purchase safe toys and/or supplies that you find reliable?

I live in the Netherlands, and here we have 'de Vogelkelder' (avonturiashop.nl). It is the biggest bird store in the Benelux. They really have everything. Plus... they are the ones providing me with all the packing material I use in my birds toys.

6~ Do you have a favorite item that you bought for your setup?

If I have to pick one, it would be the rope. It helped Momo a lot when he came clipped to us. And now they spend most of their time sitting on it. It's definitely their safe place. It's also very convenient to hang toys from.
10.jpg 11.jpg

7~ If you made any DIY toys what is your bird(s) favorite and were there any failures?

This is a definite favourite:

But no one looked at this beauty twice:

8~ Did you incorporate into your setup any foraging toys and how did your bird(s) take to them and was age or inactivity a factor?

Most of the toys I have are to sit on or to forage/destroy. They have always been into them. They came to us both as adults, so not much has changed in that area. I have always provided them with these types of toys (because I learned form AA that these toys are essential) and when they are not flying of sleeping they are foraging. Makes for a lot of mess, but more important a lot of fun and satisfied birds!
14.jpg 15.jpg

9~ What difficulties did you encounter, if any, and how did you remedy them?

First I was planning on having them go into their cage to eat and drink. But after a toe bite from Momo I decided to keep the cages closed while they were outside and have a food station on top of the cage where they had enough space to eat and drink together.
The same kind of problem I had with the grade that separates the two cages. Momo bit Mido in the toe again through the grade, so my dear friend Zara suggested to put acrylic glass in stead of the grade. Now no one has to worry anymore.

10~ What do you like least about your set up (if anything)?

Don't know it this counts... but our house it self. I wish we had more natural light.

11~ What do you like most about your setup?

That they like it! Most and only important thing!

12~ Did your bird(s) take to the setup right away or did they approach it tentatively needing time to adjust and do you feel their age was a factor?

Boring answer, but as soon as we unpack a new thing we ordered, they immediately take to it. We include them when opening the package, make it a fun and exciting moment. And most of the time it is a big hit. My lovebirds are little adventures who are mostly curious.

13~ Any future renovations planned

Moving to a house with a sunroom would be nice ;)


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Tiel Feathers

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:congrats5: What a wonderful set up you have for yourbirds!


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Such a wonderful setup! I really enjoyed reading your interview Irene :) :starshower:

I´m very surprised they didn´t take to the popsicle stick toy! Maybe it just needs moving to their fave out of cage spot...?


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AAw! I loved reading your interview and what a nice environment for your birds! Love it!

Rain Bow

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What a cool setup you have for the fids! Congrats!