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Diet Transition


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I have been feeding my canaries a very high protein diet to help with their moult. Along with greens and other healthy sources.
They get alot of exercise!!! But once the moult is done, I need to lower the protein levels. I read that high protein will cause poor fertility and sperm production.
Once I pair my birds up, what seeds and things would you recommend that dont cause protein overload? What seeds are good to give in preparation of breeding. And what to give during the breeding period (before eggs are laid). Since the demand for high protein is no longer needed, I want to make sure my birds are of good condition!! All my birds have free reign of a large bird room. They have not used their cage in the past 5 months. They get serious flying time! Maybe weight is not an issues for my birds. My males are very competitive and some hens are laying eggs and wanting to nest. As I was sitting watching my birds, 11 canaries landed on my jeans, pulling at threading and the tissue in my pocket. Sorry for the scattered writing. Getting to my point. Is protein/fat less of an issue if birds are already fit in preparation of breeding? I wont put them in breeding cages (or any cage) until it is time. Thank you!


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