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Desensitizing parrot to baby


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I have an 8ish year old conure named Gumbo. Last year I discovered he was a she after she laid eggs when I brought my baby home from the hospital. She was extremely hormonal last year and things seem to be evening out with some behavior mod, but now my daughter is a year old and Gumbo still despises her. Things have gotten somewhat better, but I still don’t trust Gumbo not to fly and bite her. She even lunges at my daughters bottles if I am holding one or her cloth diapers. I swear she even knows the difference between our clothes and my daughter’s because she’s shown aggression towards her laundry while I’m folding it. I’ve taught my daughter to look at Gumbo from a distance and wave so she doesn’t get near her cage and we usually only have Gumbo out during nap time or if one of us is with my daughter in another room.
I don’t want to keep Gumbo away from the baby so she doesn’t learn that she’s now a part of our flock but I also want to keep my daughter safe. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m hoping one day we can all coexist again ☮


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Your Gumbo is seriously jealous!
Though hard, try to not excessively cuddle your daughter in front of Gumbo. Hugging, kissing and such will cause her jealousy to escalate.
I would continue to keep them separate as a safety precaution, especially while your daughter is so young.
As your baby becomes more mobile, make sure her being with you makes good things happen.
You want Gumbo to realize seeing your daughter brings about good stuff. Snacks, toys, music.
What ever Gumbo loves, use your baby's presence as a reason to give some.