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Couple of changes at Perfectly Parrot

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I have decided to make the coupon for 20% off an order if you donate to TGF permanent. ANYTIME you donate, send me a copy of the receipt and I will send you a coupon, this coupon will not expire until you use it, and if you choose to donate your coupon to someone else you may do so, but once its used it expires. The coupon code is unique to you so there will only be one.

Wish lists - there is a section on the home page (in the bar at the top) "Rescues with a Wish List" in that section will be listed all rescues with a wish list and what name to search under for that list. To avoid any confusion these orders must be placed separately from a personal order, in the comments section right before you pay for the order please specify which rescue the order is for.

International Shipping - Also at the top of the page is a new section called "international Shipping" please read this to better understand how we work our Int'l shipping policies. Shipping through USPS is available.
Not open for further replies.