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Conditioning stone for scissors beak/rapid beak growth?


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If you look real close at my profile pic, you can see that my Hahn's has an extra little bit of beak that is taller (for lack of a better description) than the rest of her beak. Her lower beak seems to grow quite rapidly, and while she rubs it against her perches (of various materials), it tends to remain uneven and flakes off almost in weird chunks. My vet said she has scissors beak, but I am not confident in that specific. I have not had her long, but in just about 5 weeks we have been to see this vet twice (the only one I can get into) and twice, she has "trimmed" Lucy's beak with (human style) nail clippers. The last time, Lucy cried out, and now her lower beak almost looks like it has a fungus along that cut line... :wtf:

I will be changing vets asap, but I have a couple questions. First, will (or could) a conditioning stone help her keep her own beak in check? And, does anyone else have a bird with a fast growing beak, or know if this is a sign of a diet deficiency or other illness?


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If it's growing rapidly and she hasn't had a liver panel yet, I would do that :) Liver diseases sometimes can cause rapid beak growth.

You could certainly try the stone; my Jardine's with a scissor beak won't chew them. He only chews wood :)