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Coccidia question, is it gone or will it come back?


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We recently had an issue with Coccidia/Coccidiosis and I need to learn more and have a better understanding. Quick recap is we lost a gouldian unexpectedly then took another bird to the vet, they diagnosed coccidia as the issue and gave us Albon to treat, that's all going fine.

We don't know if the new parrot finches introduced to the aviary were carriers and infected the others, or if the stress of introducing new birds and re-arranging the aviary caused the issue to 'flare up'.

We had never had a sick bird in the 2 years we've owned them. They all came from the same breeder so my thoughts were that the new birds gave it to them since they haven't been sick before. If that's the case, do my birds now have it forever now or will it go away once fully medicated?

The vet said she thought the stress caused it to flare up, but I don't understand that, so they always have coccidia? Giving them medicine like Cocci Care doesn't make it go away over time?

And I see it as coccidia and as coccidiosis? What's the difference?

SOrry for so many questions, if you can just point me in the right direction I can read up on my own, I've read a bunch of resources I found about coccidia but they don't seem to answer my questions.


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