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Caique care help?


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Hey everyone!
So tomorrow, I will be bringing home a baby black capped caique that chose me. It was an accident.

We’ve been preparing for him to come home for two weeks, I have an a and e flight cage, lots of toys (foraging, different textures and woods, as well as foot toys) play stands, will be getting current food he’s on plus a few different types of pellets to improve his diet, will be making him fresh chop in the evenings (he’s already started on some so I’m thrilled), plus he’s set up with an avian vet tomorrow to get him checked out and make sure he’s clear to be in the room with lovebirds after the quarantine period (not close to them, just in the room to have fellow screamers).

So all of this said, I was curious if anyone here could point me in the direction of a place I can read and get really good in depth care information and information in general on these beautiful animals? I love reading all I can, but I end up on weird sites saying they’ll be have half their full-size when they reach puberty at 2years….please let me know if you know of good sites or books even that are good. I’ve been going to the bird store every day to visit with my boy and bonding with him, and also asking the appropriate people lots of questions about these guys. I just want to give him the best life possible.
Thank you all for any help possible. Pictured is my new baby Yeet the caique! (Still waiting for dna to find out if it is indeed a he)



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Nice! Sounds like you are getting well prepared, good job! Never a dull moment being a parront to one of these :bliss: My best advice is to learn, read, and respect their body language. They are very strong willed (and also physically stron) birds, and respecting their body language can reduce bites.
You can learn A LOT on this site...go to the species specific "good, bad, and ugly" page. Also, you can learn on the Facebook pages/groups "Caique Parrot Lovers" and "Caiques tales, questions, and photos".
Congratulations on your new family member!!