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Urgent Budgie has a black dot on his nose & Wet sneezes a few times a day


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He has been sneezing and a bit low energy for the last few days, he eats and drinks as normal, his poop is normal too. I try to provide him with vegetables, fruits and nuts whenever I can, he is a bit picky though, no matter how hard I try to encourage him and eat in front of him.

I am guessing that he is sneezing since May is a very high pollen month, and we open windows to let fresh air in very often. (no he is not left in draft- I make sure he is in his cage and covered perfectly to be protected incase there is a draft, which usually there isnt, or he is on another room when we open a window.) Its a wet-sneeze, he sneezes on my face really often haha... his nose is wet afterwards and I try to clean it very softly with a paper towel when he allows me to (he is okay with me holding him and I know how to hold a budgie.). But I saw something white come out when he sneezed today, I tried to look for it but I couldnt find anything around the area where he sneezed. Maybe it the room's light tricking me, I dont really know so it got me to be a bit suspicious .

I think his moulting isnt fully done yet, only a few pinfeathers left on his head. I was thinking this maybe the reason for his low energy behaviour, but maybe I should try playing with him more often? I am unsure .

And the dot... I never noticed it before. I am an artist and I sometimes sketch him so I look at him in detail, thats why I am sure it wasnt there before. I did a short research, but couldnt find anything similar. I am not too worried, I dont know if I should be. But I am curious as to what it is . Can all these be connected ? I hope it isnt an infection or something. I dont think it is a bruise either, as he isnt a reckless bird and I am with him 90 percent of the time.
(Sorry for my rusty english.)
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-27 at 20.37.53.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2023-05-27 at 20.37.53 (2).jpeg WhatsApp Image 2023-05-27 at 20.37.53 (1).jpeg
(I've put a red circle around the dot on the first picture, I apologize for the blurry pictures. While he is fine with me holding him, it still isnt his favorite so he moves around a lot and I have an old phone.)

If it is something to be worried about, I can take him to a vet this monday. We dont have many avian vets in my country, only 2 of them and they live on the other side of the country unfortunately : ( . But I can take him to an veterinary faculty, other vets I have went to dont seem to know anything about birds at all, they dont even look at the bird or do tests. Its heartbreaking how uncared birds are most of the time compared to other animals, even by their doctors. Thank you for your time.


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