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Breathing issues of unknown cause


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Hi everyone,

We moved to a house about 3 months ago. Two weeks after that one of our lovebirds, Fëanor started breathing audibly en heavily, an emergency trip showed he has a bacterial infection in his throat. We treated him, and kept doing checkups to see how the bacteria were. When they were gone, his breathing didn't entirely go back to normal. Because of that the vet took x rays and checked his blood levels. Neither showed anything and she said to take him home and if he got worse again, call. He got a little better, and it seemed gone.
Then we found a budgie on the highway. She was in bad shape, I feared taking her to the vet would be too much for her. We did consult over the phone, and when she was doing better we went for a checkup. No one came to pick her up, and she ended up staying here. Perhaps I gave her some disease that the upstairs flock carry(she got quarantined downstairs), or she had it already, but she seemed to be breathing heavily from time to time. She would also make a clicking noise while breathing some times, the vet attributed that to stress. She did have a worm infection which we treated her for. When the worms were gone we introduced all the birds to each other. Then I think a week in, I saw tail bobbing in everyone. We called the vet and agreed we should bring in Zora, the budgie, as she was the worst affected and their symptoms were all the same. She was examined and got two antibiotics which we used for a week but made no difference(novacam and Doxycycline). We went back again and she was examined once more. Hee blood work showed no elevations, no bacteria were found again and x rays showed nothing. She said it was not a funghis either. I am afraid it might be aspergillosis? She said she didn't think so, and we should try steaming her and see if that makes a difference. We were supposed to finish our shower, but we found something very weird which delayed the finish. We have tried with boiling water but that is not the same and made no difference either.
I know no one here is a vet, but perhaps someone here has another suggestion. Our vet said she has no idea and thinks we should watch if it is not environmental. That's possible, but we explicitly stopped anything that created dust for Zora's time downstairs. Actually we have only done something dusty on three days the past month. We take care that upstairs(downstairs as well of course but there it gets dusty) is well ventilated and dust can't travel up with multiple fans and air purifiers. I don't now where to look for something causing them this distress anymore. Right now I keep them separated and caged, we are almost done with their room and then I'd like the let the lovebirds be (mostly) cage free there again.