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Bornavirus treatments


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Our young B&G macaw has been diagnosed with bornavirus. We have had success treating his digestive symptoms with metoclopramide syrup. Vomiting ended and he regained all the weight he had lost + more. His neurological symptoms, ( unsteady on his feet, falling etc) are now being treated by Onsior injection. Advised to stop the first med while treating with Onsior for 9 injections over 3 weeks. My question is will he require injection indefinitely?
will his digestive symptoms reoccur without the meds? I know this is not curable but manageable for a while. Any advice is appreciated.


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I own a bird that has PDD. Which is the disease caused by the bornavirus. She was diagnosed 15 months ago and has been on special care since then. She is sick, very sick, but has survived well and comfortably under this special care. She is handfed a concoction that is high protein and high unsaturated fats six times per day. Her medications consist of Celebrex, gabapentin and she is given the supplements Meloxicam, Milk thistle and Prozyme with each of her feedings. I make sure that she doesn't get upset and she has had an implant to suppress her hormones.

It is unusual that your macaw's central nervous system has been effected rather than the nerves that control the digestive system.

This is the latest and most accurate information on PDD

The write up about Ollie, the Amazon is by a woman who is a member of this forum. She was a great help to me when my female Greenwinged macaw, Kitty, developed avian ganglioneuritis. Included are the related webinars by Lafeber Co. about ABV and PDD (now called avian ganglioneuritis). I highly recommend that you watch both webinars - maybe many of your questions can be answered.