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Urgent Blood in the cage


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This is definitely a situation that's stressing me out badly

Yesterday I left the house for a few hours, I don't know if that has anything to do with the situation, but I think it's still worthy to mention. I didn't know what they did and when I came back they were just their regular selves. Later on i saw them trying to mate. (Again, I don't know if its anything important) The female just threw her partner off and they carried off with their day.

At night, however, I heard a fly buzzing around near the cage. I think it found a way into the cage and possibly startled them, but its just a theory. They then started to fly around panicking, this happened three times. I left a small lamp on, checking the cage regularly, making sure they're comfortably sitting on a perch.

In the morning, I noticed they were uneasy. They ran around their perch when I approached, I got them to stop doing that some time ago. They also left their crests up at all times.

When I looked at the cage more, I realized something strange: two of Harvard's feathers were loose, laying at the bottom of the cage. They're large and I think they're either from his tail, or his they're his secondaries. His wings are clipped though, and they aren't. Then I noticed something that made my heart skip a beat

There were maroon-colored splaches on the toys, the wall, and some of the iron bars. The bars were the most concerning: they weren't one big stream, but dots continuing all the way down, to the bottom, which had a big amount of blood there. I checked for signs of blood on the birds: their feet, beaks, eyes, heads, vents and bodies seemed clean. When they stretched I got a good look at their wings, which were also clean.


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Sounds like a bit of a mystery if you’ve checked them over properly and found nothing.

Every now and then when my budgies have thrashed about in their cage (usually freaking out at outside birds) one of them in particular seems to really bash his wings against the bars and he has made the very edges of his wings bleed a few times. Only once have I had to grab him and help the bleeding stop, the other times he’s made a bit of a mess but the bleeding has stopped really quick and within a few hours you can’t even really see where the blood had come from.

Keep a close eye on them is probably all anyone at this time could advise without knowing where that blood came from. Keep them warm and quiet and monitor them.

I hope everything is ok and it’s just something like what my budgie has done in the past.



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Since he is missing feathers I would suspect the blood came from there. We're they blood feathers? Typically molting feathers will not cause bleeding.

My M2 would occasionally have problems with blood feathers in the middle of the night. And I would find blood at the bottom of his cage the next day. I think generally people freak out when they see blood anywhere their bird's cage which is understandable. But birds can lose some blood and be perfectly fine. It really depends on the amount of blood.

Since in your situation its spatters of blood and not a large pool of blood my best guess is he is going to be alright. But that said I'm not a vet, and even if I was I couldn't diagnose things over the internet. So my advice to you is to keep a close eye on him, have a really good look over him especially where he lost his feathers. If you notice more blood lost then take him to an avian vet.