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Behavior change help


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I have a question I hope someone can answer. I’ve got a sun conure named Jose and he’s been with us since Dec 2014. He is his mama’s boy. Honestly we don’t know if he is a he, but it’s just what I’ve always believed. He has a female parakeet that has been attached to him since we brought him home and she ‘rules the roost’ so to speak. But I digress...
On Sunday afternoon (three days ago) he was sitting with me and somehow as I was getting up off the couch he got hurt/injured. I don’t know how but he must have gotten his wing caught or something underneath me, I just don’t know, but he suddenly couldn’t fly and I could tell he was in pain. We took him to the vet and they did an X-ray and told me that there’s nothing broken in his wing but he probably has a soft tissue injury. Gave us an anti-inflammatory and pain med and said he should be better in a week.
So the problem is, it seems to have completely changed him. He won’t come to us, he seems nervous all the time, isn’t screaming at all and he used to scream to come out of his cage all the time. He is tucked in his Snuggie all day. He is eating but I haven’t seen him drinking any water. He doesn’t want to come sit with me at all and I’ve always been his ‘person’.
On the flip side, he will dance in his cage when you sing to him, he will still do a few things that he used to do with us when he was happy. Today he was mimicking my laugh and saying ‘I love you’ back to me like he used to. But all from inside the cage.
Is he ever going to get better? Is he angry at me that I hurt him? Does he think I hurt him on purpose so he is always going to be afraid of me? My heart is broken.
Pictures are of me with my boy when he was happier.



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Bear (It's a nickname)
He’s adorable!
If he still has some lingering pain from the injury he might not be acting himself. You did the right thing by taking him to the vet. Showing his pain means that he trust you enough to be vulnerable.
hope it gets better soon!


Rollerblading along the road
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Kelly Hill
All I know is that when Monaco gets hurt she rests a lot and is more withdrawn. I don't think I would worry about permanent changes for quite a while.