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Are Bourke’s dusty


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I was told as a child that I was allergic to birds, but since I never actually was raised around birds I have no idea how that was discovered. As a child I also had a slight allergy to cats, but that has completely disappeared.
As of that I’ve never dealt with any type of allergies.
I have had finches for about 7 years and never had any type of allergic reaction to them.
My dream bird was a Bourke unfortunately they are tricky to find in my area, but I was lucky that a breeder in my area had a clutch and I was able to welcome a very sweet hand tamed Bourke. I did notice that I slightly started some slight allergy symptoms, but thought it was maybe some sort of season allergy.
It took a year for me to find a buddy for our other Bourke so we now have 2 and I am now finding when at home I’m sneezing, nose running a mile a minute and mostly when I’m upstairs around the bird cages.
Is it possible to be allergic to a parrot and not finches?? Or is it that the Bourke’s are more dusty causing more allergy symptoms?
I love these 2 Bourke’s, but it’s getting ridiculous this sneezing, itchy eyes, throat, etc. I’ve tried many allergy meds and they work, but I’m so horrible drug sensitive and every kind makes me so drowsy.
I’ve been tracking when most of my symptoms occur as I don’t want to have to rehome them only to find out they weren’t causing these allergies, but unfortunately it seems to be pointing to them.


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I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Do you have air filters? That may help if it is allergies.


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Not sure on the bourkes being dusty, wouldn't of thought so as they are generally small, but then again so are cockatiels and they are apparently dust birds.

All my birds are in my bedroom so it can make it can really upset my breathing (I used to have asthma when I was a kid so my lungs are a bit sensitive than most). I open the window slightly to let an airflow in (unless it's too cold or the birds are out), hover regularly to keep dust down ( I hover every other day), and clean the cages regularly (2-3 times a week, just changing litter and wiping around the cage and then a big weekly clean) has helped with air quality in my bedroom.

Do you feed seeds? It might the type of food you give them like the dust of it. What bedding do you use? Just newspaper or something like wooden pellets, that could be creating dust. What sprays do you use when cleaning, could be a reaction to the chemicals? Do you interact with the birds and touch your face? Maybe wash your hands after every time you interact with them and only let them have a designated room.

Like @sunnysmom said you could get a hepa filter to remove excess dust.sorry that you're not feeling great hopefully it's not the birds. Xx


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I haven't found our Bourke to be dusty at all, not much dander or anything, really. We just have one, and are pretty fastidious about sweeping and vacuuming around the cage and all other external play areas. Perhaps an air purifier - as suggested by @sunnysmom and @Jas would be a worthwhile investment, regardless of the source of your allergy.

This is not to say that you're not allergic, or that Bourke's don't produce dander - just that I haven't noticed it! Keep us posted.