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Amazing Baby Dove Experience.


Checking out the neighborhood
Real Name
Nicollette Wark
OK, I hope this doesn't sound weird. I can't find anything online. It may be a normal thing to see in doves., I'm not sure. It's my first time spending so much time with one.
Anyway, I rescued a baby dove. The nest was destroyed, and parents didn't return. I'm guessing baby was maybe 10 to 14 days?
After I feed ( I have a feeling t's a him) I lay with him next to me, so he gets use to me, it's very cute, he was always a little frightened, skittish, but would rest and sleep with the warmth of my body. Yesterday, after feeding, he started to do these weird stretches. At one point, he froze, I thought he died. I swear he started morphing into a little fledgling right before my eyes, I could see the colours getting darker, the wings more pronounced, more muscular. He could suddenly stand up, stand on my finger, did a few dove head bopping moves, and his whole demeanour changed. The look in his eyes was that of intelligence. He would walk over to me, whereas before he was a bit scared. It's was probably the most amazing moment I've seen. I got a bit freaked out at one point. He preened his body to lengthen and pull the feathers. And would actually eat the little fluff underneath. If I scratched his little chest, that would encourage him, kind of like I was his parent, Preening. He is bonded to me now. The little chap is obviously not full fledgling, still eating formula. I'm not sure of the seeds yet. He doesn't seem I interested. However, pecked on my skirt yesterday. The design looked like little oat flakes.
Wowzer, has anyone seen this before? No wonder people don't see baby doves. They morph so quickly.