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Aggressive in Rainbow Lorikeet


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Hi! I've done research and have read up on lorikeets and how they can be territorial and aggressive, but I just wanted some help to deal with it. I'm not the most experienced person in owning lorikeets as I've only had my Scaly Breasted Lorikeet Dudley for about 7 months, and my Rainbow Lorikeet Bella for a bit over a month. Bella is generally pretty sweet, she became tame very quickly as her previous owner had already started working with her. She's about 22 weeks old now so definitely still young. But anyway, to my questions. As expected, Bella beaks a lot and loves chewing the skin between your fingers and biting ears because she's a little rascal. She's usually gentle, but will bite down harder sometimes. What could I do to encourage her to be gentler and to stop biting my ears? My second question is about her being protective over things. My phone is very high on her list of objects she likes, and she loves trying to pull off my screen protector and ruining my phone case. Whenever she does have my phone, she can get a little protective over it. If I put my hand near her or even just lift my arm, she will do a little whistle (which I know means she is getting annoyed/will bite me hard if I make a wrong move). Even when writing this, she was on my table with my phone in front of my laptop and whenever I would move my hand to type or move my mouse, she would do this whistle, and sometimes charge at my hand to bite if I did it too much in a short period of time. It could just be a lorikeet thing, but I wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help stop this. Thanks in advance.


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