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African grey plucking his feathers


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I have had my Grey Tyrion for almost 11 yrs and he has never plucked "knock on wood" but diet plays a huge role in plucking and being given the time to settle in need to be given. My guy hates spray baths showers he prefers to bath in his water dish . Even though he hardly gets wet he sure loves doing it . My cage is 3 ft x 4 ft x 5 ft and is really just big enough for him . He is located in the living room which he loves. And tons of toys and card board for tearing apart .Keeping them busy is very important .


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No one has mentioned diet. Do you know what he was being fed before he came to you? What are you feeding him now. This could be part of the issue.
As far as ik he was being fed sunflower seeds alot
So i kept most of his diet as sunflower seeds and other mixed seeds because he did not like anything else and would just toss it out of his bowl but i started introducing fruits and vegetables so now he eats fruits in the morning and during the day i give him steamed vegetables but he always has access to sunflower seeds incase he does not like anything


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All great advice given here and it’s awesome you are seeking support. Diet, health and boredom are main contributors of plucking. I would start with an avian vet visit to rule out health issues (low calcium levels very common in greys) and the vet can give recommendations to transition to a healthy diet of veggies, pellets and some fruit. Keep fruit to a minimum as it is high in sugar so if he’s not flying a lot it will amount to pent up energy resulting in plucking. They are toddlers…if toddlers had their way, they would protest and demand McDonald’s for every meal. Tough love will get you through. Another idea is to put all its food in foraging toys to rule out boredom…start with whatever you have in the house…toilet paper rolls (none with glue marks are safe), paper cups, egg cartons, food packaging like berry cases and Boxes. It helps them with their natural behaviours and keeps them very engaged. I also recently discovered a spray bottle on Amazon that was recommended by another parrot owner. It is a fine misting bottle with a long spray…makes very little noise and my guy no longer protests spritzing.