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Advice About Getting an African Grey


Jogging around the block
I have conures, cockatiels, and macaws. Greys were never really on the radar. I work with birds, and there are some species that I just don't connect with. Amazons, cockatoos, and greys. That being said, a retired breeder contacted me and asked if I would take some of her flock as she downsizes. Among others, I took a pair of greys and a single girl. They are breeders, but they are a riot, and I've fallen in love. Forget the idea of a "starter" bird. It implies that you'll get one and then eventually move on to something else. In some sense, it gives the idea that birds are disposable. My first was a green cheek. I have several other pet birds, but I still have my first. She spends the evenings on my shoulder while I try to convince her not to make a noise I don't like. Start with what you want, BUT do your research first. As others have said, volunteer at a rescue if you can. Clean cages, wash food bowls, get dirty, and get bit a few times. If you do that and find you love it, then get the bird you want.