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Biking along the boulevard
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Peep has had increasing difficulty hanging on to me over the past year. He's gotten a few bruises, which worry me. And once he scared me half to death. I had noticed a small scab on the very tip of one wing after a fall. It came off after the next fall. I picked him up and his whole side and leg were bloody! I nearly panicked. But I grabbed a tissue and wrapped him up and applied pressure and got the blood stopped. Long before my heartbeat returned to normal. Of course it was after 6 on a Friday and the nearest CAV is 45 minutes away. I have been trying to figure out how to protect him. My 1st DIY solutions all failed. But I think I have found a partial solution. I found a soft, TEXTURED cape on Amazon. He can get a good grip and it covers me front and back so he can run around safely. He's fallen off my wrists/arms a couple of times since I got it but I'm usually seated at my desk, above a carpeted floor, when he is on an appendage. I hope this will make it safer for him to go with me when I go downstairs, ride in the elevator, get the mail, take out the trash, etc. I don't know how parents of human children survive. the worries of Parenthood! 29385450-1ED8-4B11-AD5D-F0A36FA68635.jpeg


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What a cutie patootie!
In the past, when I had a baby with grasping difficulty, I had a scarf made from soft loopy yarn. The loops had a bit of a knobby texture and they were soft and warm and perfect for my single legged rosella.