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6 week old cockatiel with splayed leg.. help please


Checking out the neighborhood
hello all
i have a 6 week old cockatiel with a splayed leg.. one leg is ok and the other is splayed.. I have taken this baby to 3 vets had multiple splints done and he has broken out of all of them. At this point the vets are recommending putting the baby down. I do not want to do that unless I have tried all other options of helping him at home.
Does anyone have any guidance on how to help him move about as he gets bigger. He is still in with his parents right now but in 2-4 weeks when he is weaned ill be moving him to his own cage and want to know how i can help him.
His sibling is totally fine and already exploring outside of the nest box


Checking out the neighborhood
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Janice sproul
I had a Parrotlet baby like that from mom over nesting I used the leg bands for splayed feet,basically like a rubber band tied in the middle, amazon..but don't leave on for a long time at first, like a a few hours at a time then give a break & so fourth ,just enough so u don't put into shock as it's use to that leg position .do your research on how long ect.every bird and age determine it.im hardly on here so if I don't respond after this.im not egnoring :)


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