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young conure

  1. goatsRus

    Proper appraoch to raising GCC (pineapple)

    Hello all! I have recently brought home my first green cheek conure I've come to call Sunny. I don't know the gender (I default to male since "it" sounds impersonal) but he's hand fed, recently weened (about 4 months) and has been in the house for almost a week. I'm no stranger to small...
  2. A

    Conure Just Won't Stop Biting

    Hi, I've recently gotten Kiwi, a green cheek conure, I've had him for 2 weeks now (he's 5 months old) and he has adjusted well and has been a joy to be with. However, anytime I put my hands near him, he will run towards them and try to bite. I let him adjust to his new surroundings for about a...