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  1. BirdLady13

    Humidifier (USA availability)

    Can someone suggest a good humidifier? I've read that the best choice for bird owners is evaporative humidifiers, but the vast majority on the market are ultrasonic. I was going to get the Pure Enrichment MistAire Eva 4-Speed model, but apparently they no longer sell the filter for it. Please...
  2. BirbFriend

    Keeping them warm in winter?

    Hi! I have adopted a plucker and we're coming up on our first winter together. I have him in the warmest room in the house, but he gets shivery when it drops below 73F or so, and even in the mid-upper 70s if he's bathed. Now that the temperatures outside are dropping below that I'm getting...
  3. Haydenb

    Any reccomendations for a bird safe space heater?

    Hi; I'm in the market for a space heater because where I live; it gets extremely cold in the winter & I want to get a space heater so my GCC won't get sick from the cold. It only has to heat up a medium-sized room &'d prefer if it was compact. Also any other things I should buy that will help...
  4. M

    Can i use this heater my bird room

    can this type heater safe for bird?can i used it my bird room?
  5. M

    Is infrared lamp safe for birds?

    Hi, Does anyone use this infrared lamp for birds or in aviary?? Is infrared radiation safe for birds??
  6. conureluv

    Sleep perch??

    My bird keeps sleeping intertwined with a foraging toy he demolished. It is (almost) winter here and my room can get cold some nights. I want him to be able to snuggle with a toy/perch made for that, but I heard tents can make him hormonal. (No egg laying, he’s a boy.) What should I do?
  7. M

    Which Room Heater I Use For Birds???

    Hi, I want to know about Heat lamp for parakeet. Which heat bulb or lamp is best for parakeets??? Can I use normal room heater for them or only I should use infrared heat lamp or bulb??? Many bird shop's owner suggest me to use this (see pictures) Does using this infrared heaters or...
  8. O

    Best D3 Supplement?

    Hi all! A quick question for you: it seems that egg is a good source of D3 for birds, but are there any other good ways to supplement that you guys would recommend? Tried-and-true products/foods? I'm looking for a nice, balanced way to give my sennie a D3 boost for the winter months. I'm...
  9. Parakeet88

    Humidifier for birds?

    I live in the north east US and as winter is approaching I'm thinking of ways I can keep my birds comfortable. I live in an old apartment and it's difficult to keep the temperature stable (it never gets really cold but I have a hard time finding the right heat setting). I bought one of those...
  10. Sarah Shrader

    Hello fellow bird people!

    I am a new mommy to a 20 year old female Goffin Cockatoo, Winter. I also currently have a 8 month old Sun Conure, Mikko. Use to have 2 budgies.