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white faced cockatiel

  1. Ashtyn Mccoy

    cockatiel fun

    if you've seen my recent thread my cockatiel is coming around thanks to all yalls help! today my boyfriend and i were painting and he flew in front of us to see what we were doing and even got on our shoulders :)
  2. tacotaco

    Pictures Why does this keep happening?????

    So my bird has just gotten over his first molt. Stressful, hormonal and cranky. But in the end we made it thru ok. He looks great and it gave him a chance ( us a chance ) to experience what flight feathers bring to the table. Since December he has lost three of his new feathers, making him very...
  3. McBird

    well.... looks like the family will be growing

    a friend of mine was talking about having to go recollect her bird after the rehome went south. the guy fricked it up and she got a message saying her super sweet Cockatiel was biting which means that he doesn't understand birds. so she's going to have to go pick her up and then she'll come live...