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  1. S

    kakariki unusual position

    my kakariki whimpers constantly while leaning over in a hunched position. this happens for a while until he poops and then he goes back to normal. This hasn’t happened for a couple of months but it has just started again. is this a serious issue?
  2. A

    Ringneck whimpering? Crying?

    kiko is an african ringneck and he’s 4 months old. Whenever he sees my sister he keeps whimpering or crying i dont know how to explain so im attaching a video of him. He makes this sound a lot but i dont know what he wants and what it means!!! https://youtube.com/shorts/sWKWgY4OXf4?feature=share
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    kakariki behaviour

    can anyone explain why my kakariki sits like this? he whimpers a lot and sits a an unusual position. is he ill?