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what to do

  1. I

    Budgie is looking sick, what do I do?

    I got my male budgie Sky about a year ago. Just today we noticed he was very sleepy during the day. When he came out of the cage, he ate a few seeds and then just perched on my hand with his eyes closed. We tried to offer him some spray millet but he wouldn’t take them which was very worrisome...
  2. scremme

    Cricket’s Strange Behavior

    So a few weeks ago we noticed our cockatiel Cricket acting kind of strange. One night he was eating and tried regurgitating. Nothing came up. He then began to exhibit some very strange behavior. He would begin feverishly “preening” his chest, close to his crop area. But he wasn’t actually...
  3. Zara

    Mousebird care and species information

    Here are links to recovered information posted by Susanne Russo; Mousebird species size and weight: https://web.archive.org/web/20160519222735/http://www.mousebirds.com/species-size-and-weight.html Visual difference between species...