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  1. Jazzyooo

    Cockatiel weaned too early..?

    Hi everyone! Today something odd happened,my 4 week old cockatiel voluntarily ate a big chunk of banana! I’ve weaned my fair share of cockatiels to know that they normally start from 6-8 weeks. I ignored the incident and continued with formula as usual. Now I’m kind of confused. Should I...
  2. O

    Is 8 weeks young for a cockatiel?

    As some of you guys know, I am getting a beautiful pied male cockatiel. You can see pics of him on my profile in previous threads. He is now 8 weeks old, nearly weaned, is this considered too young to bring home? Also, when will his real behavior come out? Right now he bites a lot! He uses his...
  3. Nestum

    Pictures Drinking water

    I remember saying that my new cockatiel was 1month old but he's actually 2 months and a week. I only learned that you shouldn't take birds who aren't fully weaned after the fact, so now it's my responsibility, but I only need to handfeed him once a day at night. It has been very smooth...