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  1. S

    PLEASE HELP! 1 year old Indian Ringneck Trouble

    Hello everyone! I have a 1 year old IRN (not sexed). Ive had him a year now and i feel like he’s no closer to me now than the day I got him. Ive tried multiple techniques, using a glove to hold his toes and this worked somewhat, hes learnt to step onto the glove (after some frantic screaming...
  2. VelocirapGirl

    Continue what I'm doing or not?

    So some might know I have a lovebird. Now, he is still scared of hands. Grab a snack since it'll be a long post. So when I first got him I made the mistake of putting my hands in the cage the very first day when I should've left him alone to settle. The next day I got his wings clipped because...