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trimming nails

  1. G

    Beak and Nail Trimming/Filing

    This isn't really a Heath question... it's more of a grooming/care question. I usually trim my birds' nails with animal nail clippers, but I sometimes nick the vein and I feel like filing would be way more gentle, just to remove the sharp tip and round it at the end. Should I use a glass file, a...
  2. Melophile

    Trimming a new lovebird's nails???

    My two lovebirds (both female, both a year and a half old, bonded) have been biting their nails. I think they need to be trimmed, but I don't know how to do that when they won't let me hold them. They try to bite me whenever my hand draws near, and they've been especially grumpy lately. A lot...