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  1. C

    Alexandrine training

    Hi! A few days back I got an alexandrine parrot. He’s 6 month old and he isn’t trained in any kind of way. I feed him treats through the cage and got a glove (he bites a lot!) and I’m trying to feed him with the glove food for him not to be afraid . Eventually I want to teach him how to step...
  2. Britnicorn

    Budgie tricks?!

    Hi!! I’m super curious about teaching my budgie tricks. If you’ve taught your budgies any tricks, please list them here!! Bonus points for pictures and videos :lol: So far my budgie can only come to me on command and steps up. Pretty good feat though since he’s still a baby
  3. WallyCockatiel

    Book about taming, training, and more:

    I reccomend anyone of any bird type to check out this book; The Parrot Wizards Guide to Well Behaved Parrots. I have boughten it a month ago and it is super useful. It teaches you clicker training, target training, tricks, flight training and so much more! It is about 230 pages and is useful for...
  4. issajoy

    Tips for training a baby (6 months)?

    Hello, I've recently adopted a juvi blue&gold macaw, his name is Ollie and he's six months old. We've been playing and training with him, he is very good at step up, is quickly learning step down, and is learning "nice" (letting us touch his beak without him going to lick or nip our fingers). He...
  5. FlockofFive

    Introducing our flock and youtube channel!

    Hello! Thank you for letting us join this wonderful forum which has helped us through some of the toughest times with our rescue fids! We are a flock of 3 parrots and 2 cats - African grey, Meyer's parrot, and Green cheek conure (yellow-sided). We have a youtube channel: Flock of Five -...
  6. Noah

    New Tricks for baby bird?

    If you've seen any of my previous posts, you know that my baby conure, Jasper, is developing quickly. If you haven't seen my posts, i'll let you in on it. I have a baby Cinnamon GGC named Jasper. For a while, we were just teaching him how to get off of bad habits like biting, but then we...