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travel cage

  1. D

    Safe Disinfectant

    Hey everyone! I am traveling with my green cheek this weekend. This will be her fifth time on a plane so she is very used to the whole routine and is a very good bird while traveling. my concern this time is COVID. I want to wipe down/disinfect my seat and especially my tray table at the...
  2. elitys

    16-Hour Move, Need Tips

    I will be moving within 3-4 weeks and my green cheek is coming with me (along with my very old hamster... our car will be a zoo). My hamster is an experienced traveler as far as long car rides go, but this will be my conure's first big ride with me. I have a travel cage, but it's pretty cheap...
  3. Doctress

    Pictures Travel cage for CAG

    I’m trying out this cage for Smoky Blue- only for short transport and evacuation if needed. We went to the vet today :) He’s a great model Pics:
  4. Doctress

    CAG travel cage advice?

    I'm currently using a Top Wing brand 22" H x 15" L x 15" W cage with a very large drawbridge door for Taco the Amazon, which has worked well for decades. I've been looking for the same type for the CAG, but apparently they aren't made anymore. I ordered a 24" H cage on eBay; the description is...
  5. M

    This looks cool. . .

    I found this bird traveler on Amazon. What do you guys think? Link and pics are attached. Amazon.com : Petsfit New Style Bird Carrier with Stainless Steel Bowl, Slide Tray for Easy Cleaning, 13" x 10" x 16" : Pet Supplies