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  1. K

    Water for parrots

    Heavy metal toxicity (copper) Someone mention that it could be cause by the water. I give my bird filter water from the fridge system. But I honestly don’t think is that good. I live with my family and they are the ones in charge of that filter. Can I give my parrot water bottle? If there any...
  2. N

    boric acid had conure

    hi we recently moved and this place has little roaches (size of a small seed and small almond). mostly in the kitchen cabinets. my conures cage is in the kitchen ( we don’t cook much). i want a healthy way to treat the roaches without an exterminator so it’s not harmful to my little guy. i read...
  3. Liliana

    Safe Perches

    Hi we are new to conure parenthood and have made a cozy home for Liliana. After some research we are unsure if the branches of the tree used in her cage is safe for her to live with. The branches are from a glossy privet tree. Does anyone have any experience with this tree?