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toe tapping

  1. pubbykid

    wing flipping

    I recently had my Eclectus boarded when I went out of town so I had no control over her diet for a week. Tonight while watching her I noticed she was wing flipping, I have not noticed any toe-tapping but I would like to address the issue as soon as I can. She has two cuddle bones as well as a...
  2. T

    Seizure-type night attacks

    Hi All, I've had my dearest sweetest Zhora in my life for the past 8 months. He's a beautiful make Ekkie, and just turned 1 year old, so still quite a young bird. In the past two months he's started having these strange attacks in the night. At first I thought it was toe-tapping, and although I...
  3. mars

    Wing Flipping Advice

    Hi all! This is my first post here. I care for a 5 year old SI eclectus female, Nefertari (Nef for short). She's my only bird (and first "big bird"). I've had her for 3 years and she is the sweetest creature on earth. I'm moving and inadvertently causing her a lot of stress. She and I are...