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terrible twos

  1. ktluvszoe

    Lola’s 2nd birthday/gotcha day! Cake recipes?

    Today is Lola’s second birthday! Really it’s her gotcha day, as I don’t know her actual birthday. Bird tax included. planning to make her a tiny cake! Anyone have a recipe they like with usual pantry ingredients? Saw some online but always end up missing an ingredient or two. I froze a tiny...
  2. sydney98

    Unhinged budgie who won't play with toys.

    Hello, here's my first post to the forum after using it for advice for the last month and a half. FYI, I use she/her and he/him for my budgie interchangeably. My budgie named Gina/Gino (not sure the gender) has just turned into a little menace over night. She/he hates when I leave the room and...