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  1. R

    Can a young person own a cockatoo? If so. What one would you recommend?

    Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this in. But as a young person with a fascination for the more “experienced” parrots (amazons, macaws, cockatoos and African greys) I have been curious if getting one of these birds (especially cockatoos) is a good idea. I a, aware of how hard and...
  2. Birb Lady

    Is this normal?

    Mango sleeps in the corner of her cage (she's fine she literally refuses to sleep anywhere else) but recently she's been making some "frisky" sounds and doing a weird movement which I think is her trying to rub against the cage? I'm just confused (and disappointed in my horny teen) and just want...
  3. M

    Budgie teenager phase?

    Hi guys! I have had my two budgies for about 3 months now, and they are both around 8 months old. I have one male and one female, the male named Kiwi and the Female named Winter. Currently I can tell that they are both in a molt as there are a lot of dropped feathers at the bottom of the cage...
  4. malibu

    What age do Lovebirds go through puberty?

    I was thinking about this last night since Chica is about 4/5 months now and she has started to go under the blanket and if I move the blanket at all she lunges at me. I have only been bitten once and that was when I was trying to type on my laptop and she didn't like that and bit me. It wasn't...
  5. Saya

    Growing up and growing wings

    My baby starling (they are legal to keep as pets) has, in the past 4 days, gained the ability of flight (he's about 3 to 4 weeks old). He has started getting into really high places where I'd prefer him not be such as on top of ceiling fans and on cabinets. He is the sweetest little thing and...