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taming a parrotlet

  1. M

    New Lovebirds that are bonded and need taming

    Hello everyone! I recently rescued 2 lovebirds (female) which were hand tamed as young birds and then left in their cage ignored by their previous owner. I will assume that because of the neglet from the previous owner made the lovebirds bond with each other stronger. Based on suggestions...
  2. S

    Bird afraid of hands

    Hi guys! My cousin got a sweet parrotlet recently (about a month or 2 ago). He offers him treats and he likes to stay on his shoulder, but doesnt step up and retreats in his cage when approached with only a hand without food. Is this normal? Are there any little tricks that could help him be...
  3. CanPowell

    Taming my Parrotlet

    I just purchased a 7 month old Parrotlet. He is not too tame. I have read it’s best not to stick your hand into the cage and grab him, but he will not come out on his own. How do I start to tame him, if I can’t get him out of the cage?