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  1. alyssanor

    how do i tame older cockatiels

    how do i tame a girl and boy cockatiels , the male is 2 years old and the female is 4 years old , they are just 2 days new in my home.
  2. DaisyZwart

    Taming bonded parrotlet couple

    Hello fellow bird owners, In March 2020 I got two bonded parrotlets (blue, male, born 2017 and lady, female, born 2019). They are a two beautiful, sweet, little birds and I love them dearly, but it’s been 8 months and they still don’t want to be touched. I read to them, I sing to them, I have...
  3. parrotman

    I'm having trouble taming rocky

    Alright so, i've been wanting to tame rocky for over a year now, but he won't even step up for a treat, he just flies away, he's a non-handraised ringneck so I'm assuming it will be very hard
  4. Mollylc

    Taming issues

    Hi I have two budgie. I started off with one budgie but after a months she started showing signs of loneliness so we got another budgie for her. My first budgie is comfortable around hands and is happy to step up and be held however my second budgie is very scared around hands and will not let...
  5. S

    How to reward cockatiel ?

    Hello I'm new to owning Birds I just got my first cockatiel a month ago from a pet store he was 6 months old and so he 7 months old now when we first got him I couldn't even walk near the cage without him screaming and flying around I've got to the point where I can put my hand into the cage and...