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  1. sydneytiel

    Advice needed!! Two plane flights in the same summer?

    Hi everyone (I hope I have chosen the right topic). I have been offered a summer job in the UK - which I'm really excited about - yet I would never take it if I couldn't take my birds with me. UK requisites apart, I would like to know your opinion because I am not sure what to do: is getting my...
  2. Z

    Pesticide and birds?

    My mom had been planning on spraying pesticide because of ants coming out due to the summer for a while now. I have tried to convince her to try other methods instead, but since ants still crawled out of nowhere after wiping the entire house clean with some baking soda and vinegar mix, she...
  3. M

    so hot here!today in my aviary temperature 34 'C

    hlw previously i post about hot temperature in my bird room.today temperature reach 34 'C in my aviary.i will use stand fan/table fan.can i set it in front my aviary bird cage (distance 5-6 feet) in moving position? just for soft breeze .its safe for my birds because i heard direct wind harm for...
  4. M

    How to take care of birds in summer??

    Hi, In this summer season, the birds room become hot. I give them bath at morning and use exhaust fan but the room keep going hot. Can I need to use any other fan or anything which keep their room cool?? Please help me, Thanks
  5. FlockofFive

    Found mold on our GCC's sleep cage water bowl - please take care!

    We found mold on our parrot's water bowl in her sleeping cage! Please learn from our mistake. Summer is a dangerous time for our fids - with increased humidity, the danger for acquiring fungal infections also increase! We decided to post this video to raise awareness.
  6. BudgieMom

    keep your budgies cool this summer

    Hello everyone I have made a list of things to do for your Budgies to keep them cool during the summer here are some tips and ideas Buy a small fan from the dollar store. For this you can use any fan but these work great! Put it near your Budgie and make sure that its not to close as they might...