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stress bars

  1. JulietRose

    Stress bars?

    So, I got my Quaker a bit over a week ago, he’s (we don’t know the actual gender yet) about 5-6 months old. I noticed he has a lot of feathers that look similar to stress bars, and I was wondering if this is because he’s young or for another reason? He’s on a diet of zupreem natural pellets and...
  2. S

    Are these stress bars?

    My little guy is 10 weeks old, just wondering about his feathers if they are normal? And to see what everyone else thinks, 1st time owning a ekky
  3. flockof.4

    are these stress bars?

    Hi again. I posted last night about my green cheek conure and sleeping on the bottom of her cage and sleeping a little more during the day but acting normal, otherwise. My mom and me were debating on if she was fine or not but still calling our vet to get his opinion. I completely forgot about...
  4. Dostc426

    Are these stress bars?

    Hello everyone! I just noticed these blackish freckling spots on Cygni's left wing, are these stress bars? He doesn't seem to have them on his right wing and I really want to get to the bottom of this! He is currently very hormonal and nippy and the air is a little dry. He is a very healthy...