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strange vocalizations

  1. F

    Squeaking before pooing and stretching

    Hello everyone! Recently I became the proud new owner of a beautiful green cheek conure, Manny. Manny is fully fledged but is still very much a baby. He eats on his own, knows how to step up and is a wild man for the most part. The only other bird I’ve had is a cockatiel. With my tiel I know...
  2. Roo4422

    Amazon whining like dog?

    Unsure what this means? I have had Lolo one week a yellow nape Amazon around 13-20 years. Since monday when I get home or feed her breakfast she will whine like a dog chirp and I think regurgitate her food? What does this mean? She won't always step up while she is going off and I usually let...
  3. Eelhsa

    Video Ringneck Dove - Strange Vocalizations

    I am posting this in the hope of gaining some insight into these vocalizations my female Ringneck dove, Sable, has been making. Sable is almost 1 year old (my husband and I have had her since she was approximately 4 months old). She has been making these sounds more frequently lately, however...