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  1. SunnyLover

    Red spots on baby Sun Conure's skin

    About 3 days ago I just got a 3 week old baby sun conure from a pet shop. I noticed that he have red spots on his lower belly area (near his feet and under his tail). And some of them are on his back aswell. I counted about 12 dots and they have a round dry skin on them. I noticed about this...
  2. BabyBirdMa

    African Grey Has Red Spot On Foot

    So, I’ve recently noticed that my African Grey: Ms. Bailey has developed red spots on the tops of her feet. They look to be sores. She sleeps in a cat-bed since she can’t fit in regular, parrot-huts and she has recently laid infertile eggs that she has been sitting on for a while now. I noticed...
  3. McFly

    Black Spot on Conures Beak

    Hello there. We noticed this spot on my pineapple green cheek’s (Marty McFly) beak recently. It looks like a bruise that’s growing out, but it’s kinda lumpy. We are very worried. He acts fine otherwise. His beak and nails are growing at a normal rate. He’s about 2 years old, and I don’t think...
  4. mybluebirb

    Urgent Hurt foot!! Again?!

    Last month, my birdie had a red mark on her foot, we took her to the vet and they said she got burnt. The vet said thankfully it wasn't bumblefoot. The marks have now healed, however, now there are more marks on her feet !! The marks look similar to last time, they are like little red spots. I...
  5. V

    Pictures Cuttlefish Quality: Do they get moldy?

    I keep forgetting to post this but I had ordered A&E Cuttlebone online and when I opened it the back of each cuttlebone had brownish sections and spots. As if it was moldy. Is this normal? Cuttlebone 1 Front: 20181127-183647 — imgbb.com Back: 20181127-183643 — imgbb.com Cuttlebone 2 Front...
  6. R

    Pictures Rosey likes her house

    My cat, Rosey: The cat - Album on Imgur who turned three years old on May 11, really loved her house. Over the almost three years we’ve had her, she has some favourite spots. The mat and the sink: The cat’s favourite spots - Album on Imgur She will lay there on the floor even without the mat...