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small bird

  1. M

    Urgent What can I do to help my budgie?

    I recently noticed by budgie lost a Patch of feathers on the right side of his head. It looks swollen and very red. His left eye is also extremely swollen and shut. He is eating normally but mainly sleeps through the day with his feathers ruffled. He is just a month old. The rest of the birds...
  2. LiefDuivel

    What index do you use to determine if the air quality is safe for your feathered friend?

    The AQI and AQHI use different statistics to determine the air quality of the local area, so they often have different results. For example, Canada uses the AQHI to determine air quality, and for my area today its at a 2/10 (low), which is determined as safe for all groups But IQair, a...
  3. C

    Hi I’m new here :)

    Hi guys I’m new to this site and am just here to look around at any advice and see what I can learn from you clever bird people so I can share some knowledge myself :) I have 2 canaries Sunshine and Lemon who are my obsession, I am exited move onto a little bit bigger birds soon but for now I...
  4. Acediaaa

    i want to get a parrotlet

    i've begun the journey towards getting a blue female p'let. i've done a lot of research, but i feel like i haven't had enough. all of the supplies i need will be around $300, but what about the bird? is there advantages of having a female p'let vs a male? what about advantages of a male? i know...
  5. Cayleigh-Anne

    What kind of Mousebird do I have?

    Hi I found a Mousebird but im not sure what kind it is. Please help me identify my birdie. He/she is about 4-5 weeks old. In South Africa
  6. S

    Abnormally Small

    I currently have a clutch of five cockatiels, the parents' second clutch, at 16, 14, 12, 10, and 8 days old. The parents have already thrown the 10 and 12 out, and I am hand-feeding them around the clock. The 8 day old, still with parents, is abnormally small. He's almost completely bald, no...
  7. M

    What did I miss?

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I have lovebirds and a cockatiel. I noticed one of my two green and red lovebird puffy yesterday on the perch sleeping but I noticed it was puffy trough the day Saturday and even mentioned to a family member that he seemed odd/different to me because he was all...