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small bird

  1. C

    Hi I’m new here :)

    Hi guys I’m new to this site and am just here to look around at any advice and see what I can learn from you clever bird people so I can share some knowledge myself :) I have 2 canaries Sunshine and Lemon who are my obsession, I am exited move onto a little bit bigger birds soon but for now I...
  2. Acediaaa

    i want to get a parrotlet

    i've begun the journey towards getting a blue female p'let. i've done a lot of research, but i feel like i haven't had enough. all of the supplies i need will be around $300, but what about the bird? is there advantages of having a female p'let vs a male? what about advantages of a male? i know...
  3. Cayleigh-Anne

    What kind of Mousebird do I have?

    Hi I found a Mousebird but im not sure what kind it is. Please help me identify my birdie. He/she is about 4-5 weeks old. In South Africa
  4. S

    Abnormally Small

    I currently have a clutch of five cockatiels, the parents' second clutch, at 16, 14, 12, 10, and 8 days old. The parents have already thrown the 10 and 12 out, and I am hand-feeding them around the clock. The 8 day old, still with parents, is abnormally small. He's almost completely bald, no...
  5. M

    What did I miss?

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I have lovebirds and a cockatiel. I noticed one of my two green and red lovebird puffy yesterday on the perch sleeping but I noticed it was puffy trough the day Saturday and even mentioned to a family member that he seemed odd/different to me because he was all...