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  1. M

    Looking for mini macaw

    Is there anyone that can tell me where I would look if for mini macaws. When is the breeding season. I had a yellow collared macaw that I had to rehome when my twins were born. This decision has always left a vacant spot in my life. If I can get some information about breeders of mini macaws or...
  2. AzKhaleesi

    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, New to Avian Ave. I am an avid bird lover, I have 4 feather babies I love so much and about to get a fifth. I just started my feathered family a year ago, and the addiction took off. (pun intended) I have had numerous other "pets" but birds are by far my favorite. Every day I'm...
  3. A

    Looking to adopt in Va, NC Area

    In search of a Mini Macaw - Hahns, Severe, etc. Willing to travel and pay a moderate adoption fee. Parrot experienced home. Currently Birdless and lonely
  4. Aaron

    Severe macaw in Tempe, AZ

    There is a amazing severe at the rescue I volunteer at named boo that was left by its owners in their house when they moved away. You would think this guy (not sure on sex) would be a mean bird but he is not, I trusted him on my shoulder and he would not stop talking and just wanted...